We at Sonics are completely equipped to undertake acoustical measurements for both Architectural as well as Industrial purpose. Our approach to the design of a space is completely scientific and fool proof. We undertake 'pre' and 'post' acoustical measurements of the site and provide objective reports to our customers. We have the required equipment and software.

NTi XL2 Class 1sonics-Nti XL2sonics-LD 824
NTi M2211 microphone with preamplifier
Larson Davis LD 824 Class 1
Acoustics Analyzer with ½” Free Field Microphone and Pre-amplifier
RTA Spectrum Analyser with wide and narrow band FFT
Reverberation Time
Environmental noise measurementASTCNICSTISPLRTNRNCFSTC
Signal Generator for room excitation
Noise Criteria (NC) curves study
Speech Intelligibility (STI and RASTI) Community Noise Recording (Leq) measurement with data logging

Advanced Ray-tracing software134521210689117
Advanced Noise mapping
Barrier design
Duct noise and HVAC control
3D CAD software
Simulation & Rendering software
Acoustic calculators for Transmission Loss & insertion loss

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