We are an Acoustics and AV (audio-video) Design & Consultancy firm, formed by a team of enthusiasts with professional education and sound knowledge in acoustics. With combined hands-on experience of over 30 years, are completely equipped to accept projects in the field of AV design, acoustics design and noise control using scientific methods and advanced analysis and simulation tools. We also are members of internationally acclaimed institutions like Institute of Noise Control Engineers (INCE) and Acoustics Society of India

In the Architectural or Building Acoustics segment we provide solutions for hotels, business parks, auditoria, seminar halls, cinemas/multiplexes, open plan offices, etc., for reverberation time control as well as sound attenuation.

In the Industrial Acoustics Segment, we design for Noise and Vibration of machinery and also design test cells and anechoic chambers. We designs and guidelines in accordance International Standards.

In the Community Noise segment, we provide guidelines and design for setting residential complexes and commercial spaces highway and airport/aircraft noises using advanced measurement tools and noise mapping techniques.

We have expertise in designing performing spaces like auditoria, theatres, and cinemas.

a.    We study and issue guidelines for the space geometry and utilisation of the hall.
b.    We provide complete design for stage units, drapery system and space utilisation
c.    Detailed stage lighting system design including selection of fixtures, dimmers and control systems.

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Assessment - List the requirements of the project
Develop the design brief
Issue concept planning requirements
Develop preliminary schedules
Assess external and background noise levels in one-third octave spectral mode and impact on the proposed development
Provide acoustic advice on the envelope design and building structural requirements, details of room acoustics
Development of initial report

Report on ambient noise levels in NC and one-third octave spectral mode
Review concept plans and advise on design requirements in the areas of Architectural-wall / ceiling / floors / partitions
Mechanical systems - utilities / ventilation / hydraulics, etc.,
Building Material Types, Room Geometry
Sound isolation of openings - doors windows / ventilators
Interior finishes

Surface finishes and treatment and the effects
Develop acoustic specifications outlining the requirements for disciplines requiring control to achieve the objectives of the development
Specifications of acoustic performance criteria for mechanical services
Attend design co-ordination meetings
Provide detailed specifications of all noise control material and or equipment
Provide detailed specifications of HVAC silencer performance, duct velocities, insulation, etc
Provide detailed specifications of the performance levels of the external noise control features
Develop as required detail documentation for construction

Review contractor’s technical data to check compliance with previously established performance criteria
Attend design review meetings
Review shop drawings for compliance with acoustic and AV design
Attend witness testing by the trade contractors
Undertake acoustic testing for noise vibration, environmental and architectural
Acoustics, AV systems and issue compliance verification report
Develop final reports, as required, including snag lists

Key personnel

Passionately committed to innovative solutions in acoustical consultancy and design using state-of-the art instrumentation and advanced analysis tools.

Dr.Ing.B.V.A Rao
Chief Advisor

Director - Design

Director - Technical

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